Accommodation Regulations at the Hotel Vesna


  1. Registration and accommodation at the hotel is carried out on the basis of and in accordance with the “Rules for the provision of hotel services in the Russian Federation, approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 09.10.2015 No. 1085.
  2. Accommodation in the hotel is based on the presentation of ID, according to paragraph 19 of the “Rules for the provision of hotel services in the Russian Federation.”
  3. Registration of citizens under the age of 14 at the hotel is executed on the basis of ID of parents/adoptive parents/guardian or relatives/accompanying person(s) as well as a document certifying the authority of the accompanying person(s) and birth certificates of the minors. A notarised consent of the parents to accompany the child on the territory of the Russian Federation is regarded as a document that certifies the authority of an accompanying person of a minor. Registration of a minor of 14-18 years old is carried out with the written consent of their legal representatives — parents/adoptive parents/guardian. The individual registration of minors during a group trip (e.g. arrival of sports teams, etc.) is performed on the basis of documents of minors specified in paragraphs 1 and 2 and an ID that proves authority of the legal representative (parent, adoptive parent, guardian and others), acting on the basis of a notarised letter of attorney/consent.
  4. Hotel “Vesna” is open for 24 hours.
  5. Check-in time is from 14:00. Check out time is until 12:00.
  6. With a guaranteed reservation, the guest is expected until 12:00 of the day following the day of the planned arrival. In case of an untimely cancellation of a reservation, late arrival or not arriving, the customer will be charged for downtime of the booked room but the charge only applies for one day. If the guest arrives one day later after the expected date of the check-in, the reservation gets cancelled.
  7. In case of non-guaranteed reservation, the stay gets cancelled at 23:00 on the day of arrival.
  8. In the event of a delayed departure, the payment for accommodation is taken as follows:
  • Check out before 15:00 — payment of 30% of the room rate;
  • Check out before 18:00 — payment of 60% of the room rate;
  • Departure after 18:00 — payment for a full day.
  1. In case of a delayed departure from a room for which a reservation for another guest has already been confirmed for this particular time period, the customer is charged for accommodation for a full day.
  2. Early check-in before the prescribed time of the check-in is charged as follows:
  • From 07:00 to 10:00 — payment of 30% of the room rate for the previous day;
  • From 04:00 to 07:00 — payment of 60% of the room rate for the previous day;
  • Before 04:00 — payment of 100% of the room rate for the previous day.
  1. Upon arrival of the guest after 00:00 on the day of booking, the hourly payment is applied until the check out time of the first day in accordance with the price list.
  2. If the guest stays in the room for no longer than a day (up to 24 hours), a fee is charged for a full day.
  3. In case the guest refuses to stay in the paid room within the first 10 minutes from the moment of check-in, the hotel returns the money for the room in full if he/she did not use the room. In case of detecting the use of the room by the customer, the hotel returns the money excluding the payment for the “express cleaning service” rooms and the cost of the hygiene products used by the guest provided in the room, according to the configuration of the room and price list.
  4. If the guest refuses to stay in the paid room after 10 minutes from the moment of check-in the payment for the first day is not refunded.
  5. There is no charge for the stay of children under the age of 5 in the room without the provision of additional space for them; however, if the child occupies one of the designated spaces in the room, the guest will be charged in accordance with the current price list.
  6. Even if only one guest occupies a double room, he/she is charged at a full rate.
  7. Additional paid services at the hotel are provided in accordance with the approved price list. You could find information about additional services and current prices is at the reception desk.
  8. Meals at the hotel are provided for an additional fee, if not included in the tariff chosen by the guest. Meal times at the hotel:
  • Breakfast 7 days a week from 08:00 to 11:00;
  • Lunch from Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 16:00.
  • You could find a pizza bar “Pech” in the hotel. The opening hours are: Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 21:00, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 22:00.
  1. Hotel guests are required to:
  • maintain silence (from 22:00 to 08:00) and publicly acceptable behaviour in rooms and communal areas such as lobby, kitchens and corridors;
  • be responsible for the actions of the invited quests;
  • make a full payment for accommodation and additional services provided and return the room key on the day of the day of the departure;
  • strictly comply with fire and electrical safety rules, preventing potential fire sources;
  • in case of loss or damage to the property, compensate the cost of damage caused to the hotel, according to the current price list for damage to the hotel’s possessions (located at the reception desk). In the event of compensation for damage, a compensation for damage act shall be created in two copies.
  1. Hotel guests are not allowed to:
  • use electrical heaters in their rooms;
  • be in a state of severe alcohol or drug intoxication in the hotel areas;
  • smoke in rooms and on the hotel territory (with an exception of a specially designated area). Fine — 3,000 rubles. The smoking area is located to the left of the main entrance of the hotel; there is also an ashtray nearby.
  1. The guest has to compensate for the loss/damage of the magnetic key of the room in accordance with the approved price list.
  2. Third persons can stay in rooms at the request of the hotel guests only from 08:00 to 23:00. After 23:00, they are required to arrange their stay at the hotel, i.e. to register with the accommodation service in accordance with the current rules. In case of cancellation of registration, guests are required to leave the hotel. Hotel residents are responsible for the presence of unauthorised third persons who have not registered their stay at the hotel.
  3. The keeping of animals, birds, etc. in the room is only allowed after placing an agreement with the hotel’s administration, given that the guest complies with the requirements of the Federal Law “On the Responsible Handling of Animals and on Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation”. Upon request, the guest agrees to provide any documents including the confirmation of vaccination of animals to the hotel administration. The guest may be charged an additional fee for keeping an animal in the room. The guest agrees to compensate all damage caused to the property of the hotel if keeping animals/birds in the room.
  4. The hotel is not responsible for the loss of money, other currency valuables, credit/debit and other types of cards, jewellery, and other possessions that had not been deposited in accordance with Art. 925 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.
  5. The hotel reserves the right to carry out video surveillance in communal areas (lobby, halls, corridors) in order to ensure safety and security of guests and staff members.
  6. The hotel has the right to refuse the provision of accommodation services to the guest or to evict the guest from the hotel in the following cases:
  • if the guest does not have documents, documents are invalid or expired, there are suspicions that the documents are fraudulent;
  • if the hotel has not received payment for the room in the prescribed manner and in the required amount;
  • if the guest refuses to comply with the internal rules of the hotel accommodation as well as the public order;
  • if the aggressive behaviour towards the hotel staff and other guests is present and it threatens health, safety or property of the hotel and/or third parties;
  • if the guest is in a state of a severe alcohol and/or drug intoxication in the communal areas of the hotel, creating an intervention to the relaxation of other guests;
  • if the guest causes property damage to the hotel and/or third parties;
  • if the guest commits unlawful actions (i.e. offences and/or crimes);
  • in other cases stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  1. If the customer is absent in the room after 6 hours from the moment of his checkout time, a commission alongside with an inventory of the room will be created and any belongings will be removed from the room. The possessions will be located in the premises of the hotel during the day, after which it can be transferred to the police.
  2. The hotel divides all lost and found items into categories and sets the following storage periods:
  • Household items (linen, cosmetics, etc.) — 1 month;
  • Documents — 3 months;
  • Cash — 3 months;
  • IDs are transferred to the police within seven business days from the day of finding;
  • Jewellery and other valuables — 3 months;
  • Items that are prohibited for circulation and use are not subject to storage. If necessary, they are promptly transferred to the law enforcement office.
  1. The lost and found items are returned on the basis of a written statement by the guest indicating the time, place and circumstances of the loss of the item, its value and description, allowing identification of the item’s ownership to the guest, as well as ID, postal address, mobile phone number and/or email address for communication.
  2. The guest is responsible for reporting the loss and proving that the lost item belongs to him/her. Luggage receipts, warranty cards and other documents as well as witness’s testimonies could be presented as evidence.
  3. In case of insufficient evidence, the hotel has the right to enquire additional information. The maximum time for consideration of the application is 30 calendar days. The hotel shall notify the guest on the outcome of the application.The lost and found items could be collected by the guest, his/her proxy or through the courier service. The guest should contact the reception desk and present his/her ID. When returning belongings through a proxy, the hotel requires an original letter of attorney from the owner, indicating the full passport details of the owner, a list of items to be returned, as well as the first name and surname and full passport details of the trustee. Items can be sent to the guest through the courier service ordered and paid by the guest. In this case, the hotel requires a completed application for the return of lost and found items as well as the provision of sufficient evidence to satisfy the stated requirement.
  4. A foreign citizen is required to notify about his/her early departure from the hotel in advance. Otherwise, the hotel has the right to demand a compensation from the guest. This is due to the late submission about the departure of a foreign citizen to the territorial body of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.
  5. The public offer for the provision of hotel services and the policy regarding the processing of personal data of the hotel guests can be found on the website:
  6. By signing the registration card, the guest agrees to the terms and conditions of the hotel.


Hotel “Vesna” Team




The undersigned Guest hereby gives his/her consent to OKTO GROUP LLC represented by the Director KALININ Nikolai Nikolaevich (PSRN1155262008065, TIN 5262319869, legal address: 1, Timiryazev St., suite P2, office 22, Nizhny Novgorod, 603022), the seat at the actual address: 18, Manufacturnaya St., Nizhny Novgorod, 603070 (hereinafter referred to as the Operator), to the processing of the personal data under the following conditions:

  1. This Consent is given to the personal data processing both without using automation aids and with the use thereof.
  2. This Consent is given to the processing of the following personal data:
  • personal data (surname, given name, patronymic, the day, month, year of birth, etc.);
  • passport data;
  • registration address;
  • residence address;
  • contact phone number;
  • Email address
  • employment data (when booking for business travelers of legal entities and self-employed individuals);
  • bank card number (in case of payment thereby for hotel services);
  1. Personal data shall not be publicly available.
  2. The purpose of the personal data processing shall be: Compliance with the requirements of the Russian Federation Constitution, Federal Law No. 152-FZ On Personal Data, other federal laws and regulatory legal enactments; booking of rooms and events in OKTO GROUP LLC.
  3. The consent to obtain information via communication channels:
I want to receive information on services of OKTO GROUP LLC» by SMS to the above mobile phone number
I want to receive information on services of OKTO GROUP LLC» by SMS to the above email address




(signature)                          (Full name)


List of services provided by VESNA HOTEL

Free of charge:

a) calling an ambulance and other social services;
b) use of a medical kit;
c) mail delivery sent to the customer ;
d) wake up to a certain time;
e) provision of boiling water, needles, threads, one set of dishes and cutlery;
f) accessories for washing, drying and ironing: a washing machine with a drying function, an ironing board, an iron, detergents for washing, a tumble dryer;
g) a room for self-catering with a space to store food, equipped with technical devices: electric stove, refrigerator, microwave, cooler with the function of heating water, as well as utensils and appliances for cooking and eating;
h) bathrobes, a set of three towels and slippers in rooms of all categories, dental kits on request;
i) disposable shower accessories: soap, shampoo, shower gel in rooms with a private bathroom;
g) clothes hangers in rooms of all categories;
j) accessories for animals: a bowl, a bed for pets, a tray.


Information about the organization:

Okto Group LLC
TIN: 5262319869
PSRN: 1155262008065
HEAD: Kalinin Nikolay Nikolaevich

603070 N.Novgorod, Manufacturnaya street, house 18
Tel :. + 79103989334
Email Address: