The concept of the Vesna hotel – photographic art project

концепция отеля Весна Нижний Новгород

The concept of the Vesna Hotel was originally meant to be a photographic art project.

The history of the building

The building of the Vesna Hotel, located at Manufacturnaya Street, 18, is part of a “Nizhny Novgorod Fair” complex, which was the Russian Empire biggest fair. The fast successful development of the Fair was able thanks to the advantageous logistics location at the confluence of the Oka and Volga rivers (the so-called Strelka) in the middle of the Volga route. The Nizhny Novgorod Fair became a transshipment point for traders of various goods.

The construction building was finished in 1917 according to the documents found, but according to our data sources, the building was constructed much earlier. At first, it was used as a warehouse and office complex as part of the “Nizhny Novgorod Fair” complex, located near the famous “Chinese arcades”. Later these place was occupied by communal apartments, in the Soviet times it was used by Construction and installation bureau “Topaz”, finally, in post-Soviet times the building was rented for offices.


Our initial goal was to create an affordable hotel with a fairly high level of service. In some places, we had to sacrifice the area of the rooms in order to use the finishing materials typical for a full-fledged 3-star and even 4-star hotel. The same applies to engineering – Vesna Hotel is equipped with a modern system of ventilation and air conditioning, our hotel has its own gas boiler. What makes the concept unique is the fact that this is one of the first hybrid hotels in the country with a large number of room categories, ranging from fully equipped apartments with bathroom and toilet to capsule rooms of the budget segment, resembling the compartment of the railway cab.

Discussing the hotel concept at the very first stage of its creation, we expected that it will be of a high interest primarily to Russian and foreign tourists that have creative professions. For this group of people, it is important to see a piece of nature inside the big city, and it will be fascinating for them to stay in a hotel that has such a decoration depicting a large number of Nizhny Novgorod natural scenes. That helps to create a feeling of being surrounded by nature in the heart of urbanism.

In the rooms’ decoration, we used a lot of wooden products prepared specifically for our hotel (from the headboards and tables to the decorative elements of lobby and bar).

One of the main themes of the composition is photo wallpapers and posters in rooms with real nature scenes of the Nizhny Novgorod region. We invited the famous Moscow photographer Eugeniy Samarin to beautifully implement the concept, who managed to undertake a photo expedition to interesting and unique natural places of the Nizhny Novgorod region.

About the hotel

The Vesna Hotel has earned 2 stars according to the classification, but in terms of service, the hotel meets the level of a 3-star hotel.

All rooms are equipped with doors that comply with the sound insulation and fire safety requirements, moreover, they have modern electronic locks installed. Finishing materials are environmentally friendly and fire safe.

On the building ground floor in the lobby area, there is a cafe of author’s cuisine.

On the second floor of the building, there is a shared kitchen, laundry and ironing for the convenience of our guests.

Private parking and a summer terrace make Vesna hotel a special recreation area for guests with different requests and high demands.

The hotel positions itself as a place for not just sleep only, but also a pleasant venue to spend time, have a picnic, feel yourself in a natural atmosphere.

We have an idea to turn this hotel into a platform for meetings of young entrepreneurs,  a recreational area to hold events, a co-working area.

Hybrid Hotel Vesna is a unique innovative project in the segment of small accommodation facilities, where every square meter helps our guests feel more comfortable and to solve business problems fast and convenient.

Roman Sabirzhanov, project’s consults